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 The Abouts of Clan Alliances

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The Abouts of Clan Alliances Empty
PostSubject: The Abouts of Clan Alliances   The Abouts of Clan Alliances EmptySat Jan 30, 2010 12:15 pm

If our clan forms an alliance with another clan, you will get a form under "Clan Alliances" that you guys can post under. This will happen once we discuss things with your clan in your chat or forum or however you communicate. If you want to ask for an alliance with us, meet us in the chat under "Shadow Elites".. if someone is there, they will negotiate. If we agree to the forming of an alliance, we would like the clan leader to join our site and vise-versa for us. Then you'll be a member on our chat and you can post freely in all forms EXCEPT the forum titled "Shadow Elites". The members of the clan we're allied with are also allowed the option to join our site and post in the forums as well.
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The Abouts of Clan Alliances
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