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 Hey Bobby . . .

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Lance Corporal
Lance Corporal

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PostSubject: Hey Bobby . . .   Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:09 pm

We completely and utterly OWN. Those games we played tonight were crazy, no one could touch us. People should fear the SE| name from now on Twisted Evil

Just wondering what are your classes, strategies you like, whatever, just looking to improve. I think I finally figured out what I want for my classes here's what they are currently:
All have stun grenade, all pistols silenced (except Deagle duh)
1. AK-47 (no attachment), Desert Eagle, Bando, DT, SA -
Strike, Backlot, Downpour, Ambush

2. Mini-Uzi w/ silencer, M9, Bando, SP, SA -
Vacant, Showdown, Shipment, Wetworks

3. RPD w/ grip, USP, SP, ExCon -
Countdown, District, Ambush

4. M16 w/ ACOG, USP, Bando, SP, DI -
Pipeline, Bog, Overgrown

5. Barrett w/ reg. scope, USP, Bando, SP, DI -
Crossfire, Overgrown, Wetworks

Also 6. M1014, Desert Eagle, Bando, SoH, ExCon -
Wherever, used mostly for objective-based modes

Still not sure about that first AK class, whether I want stopping power or a silencer maybe, and criticism/comments from anyone greatly appreciated Very Happy
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Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant

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PostSubject: Re: Hey Bobby . . .   Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:42 pm

Well, here are the classes I use. Im actually thinking of removing my shotgun class (even tho I use teh gold shotty) because Id always rather use an ak-47 than a shotgun. I guess I just dont like them much anymore...

Anyways, here's what I have:

Class 1: Assault (My main class)
AK-47 w/ no attachment
Gold Desert Eagle
1 frag/ stun
Stopping Power
Steady Aim

Class 2: Shotgun (Will most likely change in the future but I want to keep the C4 or make a class focusing on C4)
M1014 w/ no attachment
Gold Desert Eagle
1 frag/ stun
C4 x2
Sleight of Hand
Extreme Conditioning

Class 3: Stealth
MP5 w/ silencer
M9 w/ silencer
1 frag/ stun
Bomb Squad in Search and Destroy. Bandolier in everything else.
UAV Jammer
Steady Aim (I dont use Excon cause i dont find the need to runa lot. If ur running and u run into some1, ur gun will not be out and ready, which can lead to a quick death for you)

Class 4: Scout (Hand, this is what I used on that match on Bog when I went like 39-3 Twisted Evil )
M40A3 w/ ACOG
M9 w/ silencer
1 frag/ stun
Stopping Power
Steady Aim (I might change this soon cause I dont normally no-scope. I quick-scope)

Class 5: Sniper
Barrett 50 cal w/ no attachment
M9 w/ silencer
1 frag/ stun
Claymores x2
Stopping Power
Deep Impact

Well, thats pretty much it.

Proud owner of the Golden AK-47 and M1014.

MWR Friend Code: 0718-5218-6412
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Hey Bobby . . .
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